International Students Inc. Fort Collins
International Students Inc. at Fort Collins is here to help international students, scholars and researchers at Colorado State University.

We organize activities and events designed to benefit international students and scholars.


Conversational English Practice
Make friends and improve your conversational English by practicing with a community volunteer.
Monday Nights 7-8:30pm---Starts January 24th
Tuesday Nights 6:30-8:15pm---Starts January 18th

English Practice

First Friday International Dinner
Friday, February 4th - 6:30pm
FFID food Table
International Students Inc. at Fort Collins offers activities which meet on a regular basis, and are designed to serve and help international students and scholars.

Conversational English Practice FFID ISF Game
International Students Inc. at Fort Collins offers different events during the year, which give international students, scholars, researchers and their families opportunities to experience American culture and to see scenic Colorado.